[EMS Discuss] New space will need source for tables and chairs.

Darrell Perko EMAIL HIDDEN
Fri Dec 20 18:05:07 PST 2013

Good point, Austin.  I've quickly put together some reasonable-looking 
tables with just MDF and 2x4s, and with some features like paint and 
routed edges could actually look pretty nice.  Pretty heavy and not 
store-able, but could certainly do. Maybe we could come up with a 
reasonable design that can be collapsed but is still very solid in use.


On 12/19/2013 7:57 PM, Austin McKimmey wrote:
> I have had ideas for new tables to build for the space. I have 
> discussed it a bit with a couple other members. So in reality if we 
> can source some nice material, we could build them our self. If anyone 
> is interested let me know and we can descuss plans and ideas for 
> building new tables for the space.
> On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 11:49 AM, <EMAIL HIDDEN 
> <mailto:EMAIL HIDDEN>> wrote:
>     Greetings all,
>     Sorry if you're on a committee and get this twice.
>     As you all know, the new space will require revenue beyond just
>     membership dues to be successful.  Kassie is
>     developing a structure for for-fee classes which we hope will
>     cover a significant portion of the shortfall.  The
>     initial classes she will be teaching herself, but anyone in the
>     community that needs classroom space is welcome, so
>     please spread the word or teach one yourself if you care to.
>     To make this work, one thing we will need is an attractive and
>     usable classroom setting.  One of the largest needs we
>     have identified so far is for tables and chairs.  So, does anyone
>     have a good idea where we can get these cheaply?  Do
>     you know someone who works for the school district?  The City?  A
>     company that is remodeling their conference area?
>     Any ideas are welcome.  Matching chairs that fold or stack would
>     be ideal, but we can work up to that if needed.
>     Likewise, the tables.
>     Thanks,
>     "The Committee"
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