[EMS Discuss] New space will need source for tables and chairs.

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For some design ideas focusing  specifically on collapsible furniture, the
Playatech site has a number of design ideas and plans.

Even if the specific designs available there are not what you are looking
for, it's a great site for brainstorming what is possible in collapsible





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Good point, Austin.  I've quickly put together some reasonable-looking
tables with just MDF and 2x4s, and with some features like paint and routed
edges could actually look pretty nice.  Pretty heavy and not store-able, but
could certainly do.  Maybe we could come up with a reasonable design that
can be collapsed but is still very solid in use.


On 12/19/2013 7:57 PM, Austin McKimmey wrote:

I have had ideas for new tables to build for the space. I have discussed it
a bit with a couple other members. So in reality if we can source some nice
material, we could build them our self. If anyone is interested let me know
and we can descuss plans and ideas for building new tables for the space.


On Thu, Dec 19, 2013 at 11:49 AM, <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

Greetings all,

Sorry if you're on a committee and get this twice.

As you all know, the new space will require revenue beyond just membership
dues to be successful.  Kassie is
developing a structure for for-fee classes which we hope will cover a
significant portion of the shortfall.  The
initial classes she will be teaching herself, but anyone in the community
that needs classroom space is welcome, so
please spread the word or teach one yourself if you care to.

To make this work, one thing we will need is an attractive and usable
classroom setting.  One of the largest needs we
have identified so far is for tables and chairs.  So, does anyone have a
good idea where we can get these cheaply?  Do
you know someone who works for the school district?  The City?  A company
that is remodeling their conference area?

Any ideas are welcome.  Matching chairs that fold or stack would be ideal,
but we can work up to that if needed.
Likewise, the tables.

"The Committee"

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