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Tue Feb 5 12:11:08 PST 2013

Kids and women sizes?
Do we get to pick the ink color and shirt color?

If so yeah I would be in for 4 (Me,wife, 2 kids).


On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 12:06 PM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> *TLDR:*
> Sorry for the wall of text below.  Long story short, A local t-shirt
> company will come onside to EMS and let us print our own shirts.  Here's
> what I need from you:
> 1) Will you buy and print your own t-shirt for $20 per shirt?
> 2) If so, what size(s) would you want?
> 3) Look at the attached mock-ups.  Please tell me which one you like best
> and let me know if you would buy the other one if more people prefer that
> one.
> 4) Do you think Friday night on Feb 23, is a good time to have her come on
> site to print shirts?  That's the night before the Make-O-Rama.
> 5) Are you willing to pre-pay so I can be sure to pay her when she arrives
> onsite?
> *Details:*
> I have some pretty exciting news about the t-shirts.  I got in touch with
> a local screen printing business called Threadbare (
> http://threadbarepress.com/).  They can make t-shirts with their screen
> printer using more environmentally friendly inks that end up with a
> slightly more retro look.  I think the examples on their website look
> really good.
> Anyway, I contacted them about their "mobile press" and they sound excited
> to actually come on site with their mobile screen printer and let us
> actually make our own t-shirts.  I think this can be way fun.  It allows us
> to buy EMS branded t-shirts but also learn how screen printing works and
> even make our own shirts!
> *Price*
> To have her come on site to print the shirts, it will cost *$20* per
> shirt.  That's her cost, so EMS will not make any money off of the sale at
> that price.  For $20, she will let us print "mini-screens" onto paper for
> practice.  These will also be our logo so we can turn these into EMS
> fliers.  Then she will give you a t-shirt in the size you request and you
> can print the design onto the front or the back, whichever you prefer.
> If she prints the shirts herself and does NOT come on site, they only cost
> $15 per shirt.  Something to consider.
> We need to get about 8-10 shirts at least to make it worth her while to
> come on site.  I would like to get a feel in this thread for how many
> shirts we can expect to have made so I can get back to her.
> *Date*
> *
> *
> I asked her if it would be possible to do this before our Make-O-Rama so
> we can wear the shirts at the event.  The only day she has available is *
> Friday,* *Feb 22 *during the open hack night.  That's the night before
> the event.  She says if the room is warm, the shirt will dry in about 20
> minutes and is wearable right away.  So I think that date is doable, but it
> will put the two events back to back.
> *Shirt design*
> I have attached the two mockups she made for us to this email.  Please
> take a look and let me know which you prefer.  All of the shirts have to be
> the same, so please let me know which you prefer and whether or not you
> would buy the other option if that one wins the vote.
> *Questions*
> Please respond to this email and answer the questions I posted at the top
> of this message.  If we can get 8-10 shirts purchased on the 22nd, I'll go
> ahead and schedule it.
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