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Tue Feb 5 12:15:27 PST 2013

If those are the only logo/shirt color combos available, I would pay 20$ to
have someone make a gray one for me ;)





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Sorry for the wall of text below.  Long story short, A local t-shirt company
will come onside to EMS and let us print our own shirts.  Here's what I need
from you:


1) Will you buy and print your own t-shirt for $20 per shirt?

2) If so, what size(s) would you want?


3) Look at the attached mock-ups.  Please tell me which one you like best
and let me know if you would buy the other one if more people prefer that


4) Do you think Friday night on Feb 23, is a good time to have her come on
site to print shirts?  That's the night before the Make-O-Rama.


5) Are you willing to pre-pay so I can be sure to pay her when she arrives




I have some pretty exciting news about the t-shirts.  I got in touch with a
local screen printing business called Threadbare
(http://threadbarepress.com/).  They can make t-shirts with their screen
printer using more environmentally friendly inks that end up with a slightly
more retro look.  I think the examples on their website look really good.


Anyway, I contacted them about their "mobile press" and they sound excited
to actually come on site with their mobile screen printer and let us
actually make our own t-shirts.  I think this can be way fun.  It allows us
to buy EMS branded t-shirts but also learn how screen printing works and
even make our own shirts!




To have her come on site to print the shirts, it will cost $20 per shirt.
That's her cost, so EMS will not make any money off of the sale at that
price.  For $20, she will let us print "mini-screens" onto paper for
practice.  These will also be our logo so we can turn these into EMS fliers.
Then she will give you a t-shirt in the size you request and you can print
the design onto the front or the back, whichever you prefer.


If she prints the shirts herself and does NOT come on site, they only cost
$15 per shirt.  Something to consider.


We need to get about 8-10 shirts at least to make it worth her while to come
on site.  I would like to get a feel in this thread for how many shirts we
can expect to have made so I can get back to her.




I asked her if it would be possible to do this before our Make-O-Rama so we
can wear the shirts at the event.  The only day she has available is Friday,
Feb 22 during the open hack night.  That's the night before the event.  She
says if the room is warm, the shirt will dry in about 20 minutes and is
wearable right away.  So I think that date is doable, but it will put the
two events back to back.


Shirt design

I have attached the two mockups she made for us to this email.  Please take
a look and let me know which you prefer.  All of the shirts have to be the
same, so please let me know which you prefer and whether or not you would
buy the other option if that one wins the vote.



Please respond to this email and answer the questions I posted at the top of
this message.  If we can get 8-10 shirts purchased on the 22nd, I'll go
ahead and schedule it.


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