[EMS Discuss] Another T-shirt update (new colors)

Thu Feb 7 10:21:22 PST 2013

I just talked with the printing company again.  It sounds like we can
choose different colored shirts if we want, but the ink will always stay
the same color for everyone's shirts.  The ink she is using will be a dark
"charcoal grey" which is close to what our logo's grey looks like.  Keep
that in mind.

I'm sorry to make you order again, but with the new development
of additional colors, I want to make sure everyone gets what they want.

Choose any green/white/grey colored shirt from this page:

But obviously you can't do black or dark grey because the ink won't show up.

She is going to drop off a few example shirts to the shop tomorrow night
and leave them there a while.  These will serve as examples of the shirt
and the different sizes.  If you are unsure what size to get, check out the
examples after tomorrow night and then send me your order after that.

*-------WHAT I NEED FROM YOU-------*

1) What size(s) shirt do you want?

2) What color shirt do you want from that page?  Make sure it is a shade of
green or white/grey.  I think it's important for branding that our logo at
least always be green and not blue or red or some other random color.

3) You have to pay EMS the $20 for me to actually count your order.  She
won't order your shirt if I don't have the pre-payment.  You can give me
cash, check made out to EMS, or I can take credit cards on my phone with

4) Get me your order and payment before *Feb 15*.

5) Show up Friday night on Feb 22 to print your shirt! (Or get someone else
to do it for you if you can't make it).
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