[EMS Discuss] Another T-shirt update (new colors)

Thu Feb 7 12:48:25 PST 2013


Sorry to be a pain, but we can't choose just any color from that page?  Only greens, greys, and white?


> *-------Colors-------*
> *
> *
> I just talked with the printing company again.  It sounds like we can
> choose different colored shirts if we want, but the ink will always stay
> the same color for everyone's shirts.  The ink she is using will be a dark
> "charcoal grey" which is close to what our logo's grey looks like.  Keep
> that in mind.
> I'm sorry to make you order again, but with the new development
> of additional colors, I want to make sure everyone gets what they want.
> Choose any green/white/grey colored shirt from this page:
> http://www.blankapparel.com/Fruit-of-the-Loom_3931.htm%7C4VRYL4BWPSFCZEKA41310.5309551157
> But obviously you can't do black or dark grey because the ink won't show up.
> *-------Sizes-------*
> *
> *
> She is going to drop off a few example shirts to the shop tomorrow night
> and leave them there a while.  These will serve as examples of the shirt
> and the different sizes.  If you are unsure what size to get, check out the
> examples after tomorrow night and then send me your order after that.
> *-------WHAT I NEED FROM YOU-------*
> 1) What size(s) shirt do you want?
> 2) What color shirt do you want from that page?  Make sure it is a shade of
> green or white/grey.  I think it's important for branding that our logo at
> least always be green and not blue or red or some other random color.
> 3) You have to pay EMS the $20 for me to actually count your order.  She
> won't order your shirt if I don't have the pre-payment.  You can give me
> cash, check made out to EMS, or I can take credit cards on my phone with
> Square.
> 4) Get me your order and payment before *Feb 15*.
> 5) Show up Friday night on Feb 22 to print your shirt! (Or get someone else
> to do it for you if you can't make it).
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