[EMS Discuss] T-shirt payments

Fri Feb 15 11:03:41 PST 2013

I should also mention there are a couple t-shirt samples at the shop
already you can check out.  Two are size medium.  The medium that has print
on it has been washed so you can see what the size is after watching.  The
other shirt is an XL.  Feel free to check these out to confirm your size
and let me know if you want to change by tonight.

On Fri, Feb 15, 2013 at 11:01 AM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN>wrote:

>  I wanted to confirm shirt orders for people.  I'll be at the shop tonight
> so you can come down and pay me tonight if you like.  I can also accept
> paypal payments if you prefer.  If you send the money to me as a "gift"
> then they don't charge a fee.  If neither of those options work for you,
> please email me today so we can work something out.  I want to send the
> order in to the t-shirt company tonight.
> The following people have requested a shirt but not paid yet.
> Hovis
> Weston
> Ellery
> Ben Hallert
> Darrel
> Austin
> Kassie
> Michelle
> The following people have ordered and already paid:
> Clif
> Tom Conlin
> James Hukill
> Bob Miller
> Taper
> Rick
> If your name is not on either list and you would like a shirt, please let
> me know today the color, size, and quantity.
> Rick
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