[EMS Discuss] Site calendar not working, and Make-oRama last week to promote.

Austin McKimmey EMAIL HIDDEN
Sun Feb 17 01:09:46 PST 2013

Somethings I noticed tonight,

I just realized while looking at the EMS site the calendar is nonexistent.
I checked in different browsers so it is probably not just me. Just thought
I would let that be known, I don't know who is editing the site right now,
but that might need to be fixed.

Also as a reminder for any members who are Facebook users, it might be a
good idea to try and invite some friends on Facebook and promote the
upcoming Make-o-Rama next Saturday.Its less then a week and way. There
doesn't seem to be that many people invited on there yet. Only 20 people
before I invited everyone I know on Facebook from Eugene. I'll admit I
didn't even realize there was a Facebook event made until I just looked

Facebook Event Link, https://www.facebook.com/events/467649119966959/

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