[EMS Discuss] EMS Membership Meeting

Wed Feb 20 13:06:38 PST 2013

I just looked at our Doodle and it looks like Tuesday at 7PM is the day and
time that works best for the most people who responded to the Doodle.

Our next membership meeting is scheduled for this Saturday, but we are
hosting the Make-o-rama this Saturday so it isn't likely that we will
actually have our membership meeting on that day.  It might make sense to
cancel the membership meeting and reschedule it for a Tuesday, since that's
what happened in the Doodle.  Or maybe we can reschedule for another
Saturday and then vote to change the official day to Tuesday.

I'll bring this up at our board meeting tonight to work it out.  Expect an
official announcement on the Announce@ list regarding when the next
membership meeting will be.  I just wanted everyone to know that this
hasn't been forgotten!

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