[EMS Discuss] Call for Makers and Lab Coats

Thu Feb 21 11:17:02 PST 2013

I just talked to the nice lady at Needle Works For You: 
She would be happy to take other lab coats and maybe tee shirts to get 
the logo put on them.
You can call her at541-343-7977 to find a good time to drop things off.

Thanks James, for setting this up. :-)


Bob Miller wrote:
> Reminder, Eugene Maker Space's next open house is Saturday, Feb. 23rd.
>   Please think about what you can demo for this event.
> I am planning to have my LEDs and big red button and will show the laser
> cutter in progress.
> Also, if you want a lab coat, let me know before Friday, January 18th.  I
> will order them.  They will be roughly $15.  James is the only person who's
> asked for one so far.
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