[EMS Discuss] EPROM programmer?

Thu Feb 21 11:49:41 PST 2013

Hi Rick and gang,

I just found my old dusty Eprom programmer, and googled for the write up 
on it:
Cellar "intelligent serial EPROM programmer" CCSP&f=false

  "It also functions as a
stand-alone programmer for copying
or verifying EPROMs. (See photo 1.)
The following is a list of CCSP fea-

• RS-2 3 2-compatible (no handshak-
ing necessary)

• internal V pp power generation

• menu-selectable EPROM types (no
programming configuration jumpers)

• default power-up selectable data

• automatic power-down of EPROM
for installation/removal

• stand-alone or computer system/ter-
minal-connected operation

• menu-driven operation

• single-byte or full-buffer write

• 32K-byte on-board memory buffer

• read, copy, or verify EPROM

• Intel hexadecimal file upload/down-

• verify after write

• verify EPROM erasure

• screen dump by page or byte

• BASIC driver that can be modified
by the user

• program EPROMs in standard 50-

millisecond and 1-ms fast algorithm

• support V pp settings of 2 5, 21, and
12.5 volts

• program all 27xxx 5-V single-supply
EPROMs, including 2716, 2732, 2732A,
2764, 2764A, 27C64, 27128. 27128A,
27CI28, 27256, 27512, and any func-
tional equivalents..."

I have actually used this programmer to program older multiple supply 
EPROMS with some additional clip leads. It needs a power supply, and 
though I havn't found the manual yet I recall it has a simple menu system.

I also have a very nice EPROM eraser with a built in timer.


Rick Osgood wrote:
> Thanks for the tip Julie.  That makes erasing the chips easy then.  I'll
> definitely try to get in touch with Chris if there isn't anything available
> through this group.
> Thanks again,
> Rick
> On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 11:10 AM, Julie Baumler<EMAIL HIDDEN>  wrote:
>> Rick -
>> Last time (~1996) I had to flash custom EPROM's, we just erased them
>> in the sunlight.  Even in the rainy Portland winter, IIRC it only took
>> a short visit outside with the cover stickers removed to erase them.
>> Do you know @m0rb / Chris Engel? He hangs out on the #euglug channel
>> and is one of the owners of Blairalley Arcade.  He's who I'd ask for a
>> programmer and/or advice on this.
>> Julie
>> On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 10:50 AM, Rick Osgood<EMAIL HIDDEN>
>> wrote:
>>> I've been researching the possibility of flashing custom code to an
>> EPROM to
>>> use in an old NES cart to see if I can get it to run in an old NES.  I've
>>> never worked with EPROMs before so it's all new to me.  Based on my
>> research
>>> though, it sounds like for what I'm trying to do, I'll need to use an
>>> in the 27C256 family.  Does anyone have an EPROM programmer that would
>> work
>>> for this that I can borrow to play with this?  I'm primarily looking for
>> a
>>> USB programmer because I don't think I even have a computer with a
>> parallel
>>> port any more.  But I might be able to scrounge something up if
>> necessary.
>>> I don't need it right away, I'm still in the research phase.  I'm trying
>> to
>>> figure out if I'll have one freely available to me or if I'm going to
>> have
>>> to buy one.  I'm not sure I want to spend money on this right now.
>>> Also, a UV eraser would be useful as well if you have one of those I
>> could
>>> borrow with it.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Rick
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