[EMS Discuss] Make-O-Rama Video Playlist

Tue Feb 26 12:24:17 PST 2013

A few people asked, so here is the video playlist I had on the big TV
at Make-O-Rama.  Most of them are from YouTube; Google will know where
the others are.

Bob Miller                              K<bob>
                                        EMAIL HIDDEN
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(1) 3D Printing Adventure - Rome, Italy - Slic3r-1080p.mp4
2.x Laser Motion Test-360p.mp4
3D Printed Oscillating Steam Engine-720p.mp4
3D Printed Soap Rocket-720p.mp4
3D crystal laser engraving machine-360p.mp4
3Dプリンター Dimensionによるマウントリング製作-720p.mp4
40W laser tube test fire-720p.mp4
8x8x8 LED cube-360p.mp4
A Friendly and Helpful Tentacle - Demonstration of a Seamless Cast Silicone Robot-360p.mp4
A baremetal LV2 synth host for the Raspberry Pi-360p.mp4
A mind-blowing look inside Autodesks CTOs mind-720p.mp4
AII SPI DSK-360p.mp4
Air assist on a Chinese laser cutter-1080p.mp4
Aluminum Foam-1080p.mp4
Ambient Data Cube - first awakening-720p.mp4
Arduino Wood Burning Robot-1080p.mp4
Autodesk 123D Sculpt-1080p.mp4
Avenger ATC Spindle Promo-720p.mp4
BB King - the 3D Printed Roller Bearing-1080p.mp4
Blinker Animations Test-1080p.mp4
Buildlog 2.x laser-720p.mp4
Buildlog.net 2.x laser speed test-720p.mp4
CNC Isolation Routing PCB with Through Hole Plating-1080p.mp4
CNC milling operation Automation-720p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 1-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 10-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 11-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 12-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 13-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 14-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 15-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 16-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 17-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 18-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 19-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 2-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 20-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 21-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 22-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 23-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 24-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 25-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 26-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 27-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 28-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 29-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 3-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 30-720p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 31-720p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 32-720p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 33-720p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 34-720p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 35-720p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 36-720p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 4-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 5-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 6-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 7-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 8-1080p.mp4
CNCRP 4896 Build 9-1080p.mp4
CS-373 Unit 3 particle filter-360p.mp4
Ceramic Porcelain Clay 3D printing Universal paste Extruder-720p.mp4
Cheap String Potentiometer Pt 1.mp4
Chinese laser cutter using mach3-1080p.mp4
Chocolate 3D printing Universal paste Extruder-720p.mp4
Compressorhead Ace of Spades-1080p.mp4
Cool Sound and Water Experiment_.mp4
Creating a tollerance fit-360p.mp4
Cutting a 3D cube on lasercutter.-1080p.mp4
Cutting craft plywood-360p.mp4
DIY CO2 Laser Tube Cooler-720p.mp4
DIY Motorized Camera Slider in Action.mp4
DIY slider motor test-1080p.mp4
DRIVING school for DOGS in New Zealand. DOG DRIVING CAR-360p.mp4
Delta bot motion control tests-720p.mp4
Digitized Eyeshadow.mp4
Diy cnc cut halftone pattern-360p.mp4
Dont worry, its just ESD! (Electrostatic Discharge)-360p.mp4
Electric Motorcycle test drive.mp4
Electric motorcycles chase around parking lot.mp4
Eugene Maker Space Red Bull Challenge entry 2012.mp4
Extended Buildlog.net laser-360p.mp4
Fetch-O-Matic DIY Ball Launcher-360p.mp4
Fire pendant-3072p.mp4
First cut on Mach3 with my laser cutter-1080p.mp4
Flame Polishing Acrylic-360p.mp4
Flora Brake Light Backpack-720p.mp4
Folding Space-Time-1080p.mp4
Forklift transferring a pallet-360p.mp4
Full Spectrum Engineering 40w Hobby Laser Modifications-1080p.mp4
Future of Construction Process- 3D Concrete Printing-1080p.mp4
Ghost in the Shell - Lego Tachikoma.mp4
Giant CNC Mill (HSM-Modal)-360p.mp4
Grizzly GZ0548ZP Review-3072p.mp4
Gyrover - Part 1-360p.mp4
Gyrover - Part 2-360p.mp4
Hadron 3D printer in action-1080p.mp4
Hadron Spool Hub-1080p.mp4
HeatSync Labs Tour_.mp4
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Video Image Processing For Digital Glass-720p.mp4
How To Anodize Aluminum #2 - A Quick Look At Dye And Markers-1080p.mp4
How To Anodize Aluminum #3 - Making Electrical Contact With The Part-1080p.mp4
How To Anodize Aluminum #4 - Simple Dye Techniques-1080p.mp4
How To Anodize Aluminum-1080p.mp4
How to make a v10 lamborghini sound with your mouth-360p.mp4
How to see around corners.mp4
Introducing the Leap Motion-720p.mp4
Jellyfish Box Laser Engraving-720p.mp4
Jet Ponies at Maker Faire-720p.mp4
Jitter Joe - Hexy demo video-720p.mp4
Just Try and Make Your Own Coil-Gun (Accelerator)-720p.mp4
Kelso the Cat Counter Trainer.mp4
LED Cube & Advanced Effects-360p.mp4
Laser Cut Circuit Boards-1080p.mp4
Laser Cutting 3mm Black Acrylic-720p.mp4
Laser Cutting 6mm Clear Acrylic-720p.mp4
Laser Cutting a Grey Code Wheel-720p.mp4
Laser Cutting the Na Palm Logo-720p.mp4
Laser engraver video Creating an Operation-1080p.mp4
Like in a dream - 3D fractal trip-1080p.mp4
MakerSlide Motorized Camera Slider-720p.mp4
Making graphene supercapacitors with a DVD writer-360p.mp4
Making the holders for the pogo pins-720p.mp4
Marlin Running Standard CNC router G Code-360p.mp4
Masa Harina 3D printing custom corn chips - Universal paste Extruder-720p.mp4
MechBass - Hysteria (Short, Without Backing)-1080p.mp4
MechBass - Hysteria-1080p.mp4
Mechanical CPU Clock-360p.mp4
Mendocino Motor running-720p.mp4
Modbus controlled Hitachi X200 VFD, 2.2kw 3Hp Chinese Spindle, Spindle Water Cooling all installed!-360p.mp4
Moppyduino 6 Channel Arduino based M_usical Fl_oppy controller PCB-1080p.mp4
MorpHex part III-1080p.mp4
My First G-Code Program-1080p.mp4
ODROID-U2 XBMC 12.0 Demo-1080p.mp4
ORD Bot 3D Printer - 1st Print-720p.mp4
ORD bot home sequence-720p.mp4
ORDbot Hadron printing at 300mm-s-360p.mp4
Op Amp Power Supply Considerations- split, single, virtual ground, etc. - a tutorial-360p.mp4
Open Source CNC pendant controller for EMC and MACH3-720p.mp4
Open source hands-free vibrator remote-720p.mp4
Ord Both with modified QU-BD extruder-1080p.mp4
Our Geeky Wedding -- DIY Electronic Wedding Invitations (DEWI)-720p.mp4
PAL-V flying car introduction.mp4
PiFace and Raspberry Pi at Manchester Science Festival 2012-1080p.mp4
Pop-up Fabrication of the Harvard Monolithic Bee (Mobee).mp4
Prototype Open source custom Mach 3 pendant!-720p.mp4
Prusa Interview-720p.mp4
R3DWOOD OB1 Prism - First print-1080p.mp4
RUDEBOT- Rolling Ubiquitous Display Engine for Binary-Organic Transliteration-1080p.mp4
Raspberry Pi Camera Network Demo-1080p.mp4
Raspberry Pi and AirPlay-360p.mp4
Repeatability Study to Assess the Precision of the Pogo Pin Limit-Home Switches-720p.mp4
Ridiculous Minigolf_ Crazy golf holes inspired by Portal, Mi.mp4
Rostock Delta 3D Printer - Printing 130mm-s infill-720p.mp4
Rostock delta robot 3D printer prototype-360p.mp4
Rostock fast travel moves 600 mm-s-720p.mp4
Rostock finishing Klein Bottle by Dizingof-720p.mp4
Rostock printing Klein Bottle by Dizingof (with music)-720p.mp4
Self Balancing Unicyle-360p.mp4
ShuttlePro As a Laser CNC Pendant-360p.mp4
Sketchup to G-Code-720p.mp4
SparkFun Solenoid 36v-1080p.mp4
Squaring up the gantry-720p.mp4
Start of Building My Inexpensive, High-Accuracy Homing-Limit Switches-720p.mp4
Steam rocket 2.mp4
Sugar paste 3D printing Universal paste Extruder-720p.mp4
Swapping the controller board on my laser cutter.-1080p.mp4
Tandem-Duct Aerial Demonstrator-720p.mp4
Tenty LED Brake Light.mp4
Test printed by BONSAI.made.in.japan-360p.mp4
Testing Pogo Pin Homing Switch-720p.mp4
The Apollo Saturn V LVDC Logic Devices Reverse Engineered!-720p.mp4
The Chameleon Bag-720p.mp4
The Droneitar-360p (1).mp4
The Droneitar-360p.mp4
The science of balancing a bike.mp4
Thien Dust Separator - tablesaw test-720p.mp4
Trampofoil Slalom Race-360p.mp4
Trendy sport- Trampofoil, also known as Hydrobike, HydroSlide, Hydrothopter or Aquaskipper-1080p.mp4
Two Minute Setup!-360p.mp4
Universal Paste Extruder Assembly Instructions-720p.mp4
Universal paste extruder introduction-720p.mp4
Very First Print From Delta ORD Bot-360p.mp4
Very, very, very fast Turbine powered RC Jet-720p.mp4
Vetinaris clock-360p.mp4
Video Nov 14, 5 04 02 PM.mov-360p.mp4
Viki LCD Control Panel-360p.mp4
Waterbike Hydrofoil Bicycle-360p.mp4
Weekend Projects - A Touchless 3D Tracking Interface-720p.mp4
Widerstand ist Zwecklos-360p.mp4
Wireless MPG Mach3 Handwheel Pendant-360p.mp4
XMOS Laser Engraver Controller-360p.mp4
Youtube - DIY Pick and Place Machine Project-1080p.mp4
analogue soundlab 3-1080p.mp4
hadron NO ball spacers installed-1080p.mp4
hadron X Y Axis-1080p.mp4
hadron ball spacers installed-1080p.mp4
iPhone 4s Wireless Charging Hack Demo and Tutorial-1080p.mp4
iPhone 5 automatically rotates using Cycloramic App.-720p.mp4
mach 2010-720p.mp4
onshouldersTv- CAD a DogBot-1080p.mp4
onshouldersTv- DogBot Math-1080p.mp4
onshouldersTv- Dogbot Electronics-1080p.mp4
onshouldersTv- Dogbot Learns to Feel, Part 1-1080p.mp4
onshouldersTv- Dogbot Learns to Feel, Part 2-1080p.mp4
openmoco time-lapse test footage-720p.mp4
rostock delta robot 3d printer - printing two parts-360p.mp4
steam rocket.mp4

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