[EMS Discuss] Group orders from Newark and McMaster-Carr

Sat Jan 12 11:13:40 PST 2013

I am thinking about getting another Raspberry Pi from Newark Electronics.
 Does anyone else want one?  We can share an order and getting a discount
on shipping.  I'd be happy to order anything in Newark's catalog (and it's
a BIG catalog), but the Pi is probably backordered and would delay the rest
of the order.

Also, I need some miscellaneous trunnions and whatnot from McMaster-Carr.
 They have a big catalog too.

If you're interested in either order, please let me know by 5:00 PM,
Wednesday January 16th.  If you express interest by Wednesday, I'll hold
until you get your order finalized.

Bob Miller                              K<bob>
                                        EMAIL HIDDEN
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