[EMS Discuss] Any ideas out there on how to repair and bond plastic together?

Ben Hallert - Vipmail EMAIL HIDDEN
Wed Jan 16 16:54:47 PST 2013

I think #5 is polypropylene which is very difficult to glue.  I think a hot glue gun would work best because it's a mostly mechanical bond.  There is one above the soldering station on the shelf.

Good luck!

- Ben

On Jan 16, 2013, at 3:30 PM, Austin McKimmey <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> One of the hinges on the plastic totes lid has broken. I don't know if any of you have experience repairing items like this. Does anyone know what might be the best glue or epoxy to use? The clear plastic lid has a recycling denotation of '5' on it if that helps you know what type of plastic it is.
> Thanks for your help.
> Austin McKimmey
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