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Thu Jan 17 13:11:06 PST 2013

This event is quickly approaching.  It will be on February 3 from 2:30PM to
3:30PM.  We have to show up earlier to get everything setup.  Is there
anyone who would like to help me out with this event?  They are going to
pay EMS $80 to do it and if it's successful then it could be recurring
which would lead to further income for the group.  Here's the very vague
plan so far:

They will have a projector available for us to use so I was hoping to use
it to give a short presentation that just explains what EMS is and how they
can join, etc.  The main event will be bringing supplies for kids to build
paper rockets.  Then we will try and launch them at very low pressure
indoors.  If we can manage outside somehow then that would probably be
better.  They have also asked me to bring a couple of other things to "show
and tell".  I was thinking that a working 3D printer is always a hit and we
can give out little plastic trinkets as well.

I could really use a couple of people to help out with this, especially
because there could be a good number of people there.  If you are available
on the 3rd to just come help out in some way, I would really appreciate it.
 If you have a project you can bring to Show and Tell, that's even better.
 Please let me know as soon as possible so we can plan this out and make it
a success.


On Tue, Nov 13, 2012 at 1:17 PM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> The Eugene Public Library contacted me to see if EMS would want to put on
> an interactive presentation of sorts.  I guess they regularly do this kind
> of stuff on Sundays.  I signed us up for Feb 3 and said we would have
> people build paper rockets and we could just launch them at a low pressure
> indoors across their room.  They said the usual audience is age 3-7 but
> they hope to get older kids, so this should be a good activity for most
> people there.  I hope to also use this as an opportunity to explain to
> their parents and older siblings what EMS does and why they should join up
> too.
> Anyway, I'm wondering who is interested in coming to this with me.  They
> said attendance will be "up to 120 people" whatever that means.  So having
> a couple other people from EMS to represent us and help people assemble
> rockets would be a good idea.  Is anyone interested?  I know it's still a
> few months away but this way we can get it on our calendars early.
> Rick
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