[EMS Discuss] Feb 23rd Maker Space Event

Wed Jan 23 08:43:35 PST 2013

I will add it to the calendar.  I just need to confirm the time.

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 10:59 PM, Austin McKimmey <EMAIL HIDDEN>wrote:

> The event on Saturday February 23rd. I just wanted to point out I don't
> see it on the EMS website Calendar. Do we have information to hand out yet?
> Or do we need to start that conversation over? It would be nice to start
> the promotion soon, seeing that it is a month away.
> Little side note, can the calendar format be changed to be the normal
> SunMTWTFSat style, instead of the MTWTFSatSun it is now. I am worried it
> will confuse some people as it's not the standard.
> Thanks Austin
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