[EMS Discuss] Problem w/ Rick's printer (believed fixed)

Sun Jan 27 13:36:48 PST 2013

I ran into another problem with the printer today.  This was the same
problem that Kevin had last week.  I started using the Kass 90% profile and
the extruder motor made this weird clicking sound.  Then it started eating
away at the tape.  This made it clear that the extruder somehow was too low
to the platform.  Kevin said this problem was fixed before by recalibrating
the Z height.  I tried that just now and it seems like it worked.  I
figured i would post here what I did in case this happens to someone else.
 I don't know why this keeps happening.

edit this file: /home/ems/.replicatorg/sf_5f_profiles/PROFILE

Replace PROFILE NAME with the name of the profile that is giving you
problems.  In my case this was "Kass abs 350 microns - usable 90%"

Once you have the start.gcode file opened, look for the line that says "Set
Z axis maximum".  On that line you will see something like:

"G92 Z105.3 (  ---=== Set Z Axis Maximum ===---  )"

You need to change the number that starts with Z to something a little bit
smaller.  That number is the number of stepper motor steps from the top end
stop switch to the spot JUST above the build platform.  When you first
start your print, the extruder goes all the way up and hits the switch.
 Then it uses that Z number to determine how many steps until the extruder
is just above the platform.  If that number is too high, the motor takes
too many steps.  It's possible that if the number is REALLY high the
extruder can ram right into the platform.  In my case it was just a tiny
bit too high and it was jamming the printer nozzle so it couldn't extrude.
 I changed the number from Z105.9 to Z105.3 (barely changed) and it's
working now.  It might be a tiny bit too low now so I'll fiddle with it on
my next print to see if I can get it better.

I hope that makes sense.  God speed.


On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 3:12 PM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN>wrote:

> Excellent idea.  If anyone has a notebook to label and leave next to the
> printer, I say go for it.  We can tell new people about the log as they are
> trained to use the printer.
> On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 2:09 PM, Darrell Perko <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>> Perhaps we should start a printer log. Enough people use the printer now
>> that something new seems to pop up regularly. It would be nice to know
>> what changed between sessions so that we might be able to predict and
>> prevent future problems.
>> On 1/24/2013 11:09 AM, Kassandra Kaplan wrote:
>> > It breaks or the filament has too much friction to feed.
>> >
>> > どうぞおげんきで
>> > Kassie
>> >
>> > On Jan 21, 2013, at 4:46 PM, Bob Miller <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>> >
>> >> Today I came in to use Rick's printer.  When I tried to print, it
>> >> printed a few inches of the first layer, then did not extrude any more
>> >> plastic.  After a little investigation, I figured out that the motor
>> >> was not pushing plastic into the hot end.
>> >>
>> >> I disassembled the "cold end" (the part where the toothed gear pushes
>> >> the filament through) to clean it out.  There wasn't much to clean,
>> >> just a little plastic fluff.  But the gear had worn a divot in the
>> >> filament.  (See photo.)
>> >>
>> >> I assume this is because the tensioner bolt was not tight enough.  So
>> >> I snipped off the end of the filament, heated up the hot end, and
>> >> reinserted the filament.  I tightened the tensioner to the setting,
>> >> "really cranked down hard". (-:
>> >>
>> >> It is printing now and seems to be working.  How would I know if I had
>> >> overtightened the tensioner?
>> >>
>> >> Thanks.
>> >>
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