[EMS Discuss] Problem w/ Rick's printer (believed fixed)

Sun Jan 27 13:52:25 PST 2013

You changed the Z height by 0.6 mm.  That is actually a lot.  Our favorite
profile uses 0.35 mm per layer, so 0.6 mm is 1.7 layers.  The last time I
saw Darrell adjust the Z, it was by 0.15 mm, I think.

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On Jan 27, 2013 1:37 PM, "Rick Osgood" <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> I ran into another problem with the printer today.  This was the same
> problem that Kevin had last week.  I started using the Kass 90% profile and
> the extruder motor made this weird clicking sound.  Then it started eating
> away at the tape.  This made it clear that the extruder somehow was too low
> to the platform.  Kevin said this problem was fixed before by recalibrating
> the Z height.  I tried that just now and it seems like it worked.  I
> figured i would post here what I did in case this happens to someone else.
>  I don't know why this keeps happening.
> edit this file: /home/ems/.replicatorg/sf_5f_profiles/PROFILE
> NAME/alterations/start.gcode
> Replace PROFILE NAME with the name of the profile that is giving you
> problems.  In my case this was "Kass abs 350 microns - usable 90%"
> Once you have the start.gcode file opened, look for the line that says
> "Set Z axis maximum".  On that line you will see something like:
> "G92 Z105.3 (  ---=== Set Z Axis Maximum ===---  )"
> You need to change the number that starts with Z to something a little bit
> smaller.  That number is the number of stepper motor steps from the top end
> stop switch to the spot JUST above the build platform.  When you first
> start your print, the extruder goes all the way up and hits the switch.
>  Then it uses that Z number to determine how many steps until the extruder
> is just above the platform.  If that number is too high, the motor takes
> too many steps.  It's possible that if the number is REALLY high the
> extruder can ram right into the platform.  In my case it was just a tiny
> bit too high and it was jamming the printer nozzle so it couldn't extrude.
>  I changed the number from Z105.9 to Z105.3 (barely changed) and it's
> working now.  It might be a tiny bit too low now so I'll fiddle with it on
> my next print to see if I can get it better.
> I hope that makes sense.  God speed.
> Rick
> On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 3:12 PM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN>wrote:
>> Excellent idea.  If anyone has a notebook to label and leave next to the
>> printer, I say go for it.  We can tell new people about the log as they are
>> trained to use the printer.
>> On Thu, Jan 24, 2013 at 2:09 PM, Darrell Perko <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>>> Perhaps we should start a printer log. Enough people use the printer now
>>> that something new seems to pop up regularly. It would be nice to know
>>> what changed between sessions so that we might be able to predict and
>>> prevent future problems.
>>> On 1/24/2013 11:09 AM, Kassandra Kaplan wrote:
>>> > It breaks or the filament has too much friction to feed.
>>> >
>>> > どうぞおげんきで
>>> > Kassie
>>> >
>>> > On Jan 21, 2013, at 4:46 PM, Bob Miller <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>>> >
>>> >> Today I came in to use Rick's printer.  When I tried to print, it
>>> >> printed a few inches of the first layer, then did not extrude any more
>>> >> plastic.  After a little investigation, I figured out that the motor
>>> >> was not pushing plastic into the hot end.
>>> >>
>>> >> I disassembled the "cold end" (the part where the toothed gear pushes
>>> >> the filament through) to clean it out.  There wasn't much to clean,
>>> >> just a little plastic fluff.  But the gear had worn a divot in the
>>> >> filament.  (See photo.)
>>> >>
>>> >> I assume this is because the tensioner bolt was not tight enough.  So
>>> >> I snipped off the end of the filament, heated up the hot end, and
>>> >> reinserted the filament.  I tightened the tensioner to the setting,
>>> >> "really cranked down hard". (-:
>>> >>
>>> >> It is printing now and seems to be working.  How would I know if I had
>>> >> overtightened the tensioner?
>>> >>
>>> >> Thanks.
>>> >>
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