[EMS Discuss] Mall advertising?

Mon Jan 28 10:26:03 PST 2013

I was at Valley River Center yesterday and there were these big model train
displays out.  I guess they were hosted by local model railroad clubs.  It
was really cool and a lot of people stopped by to take a look at the trains
going around.  The club put out these fliers to advertise an April train
swap meet.  It got me thinking that a display like that for EMS in the
middle of a busy place like the mall would be pretty awesome and get us a
lot of exposure in a single day.  This would be good for us because we
don't really get any foot traffic at our location.

I asked the guy about how they got the space but I guess it's "train week"
or something that Valley River Center does once a year.  So it sounded more
like the Mall put on the event and they hired out the clubs to come do the

Still though, I wonder what it would cost to get a display at the mall for
a Saturday or something and if it would be worth it.  Maybe we could use
our 501c3 sponsorship as a way to get a discount or something.

Does anyone have any experience with that kind of stuff?  Anyone know of
any other high foot-traffic events targeted at the general public (not just
one interest group) where we could get a lot of cheap exposure?

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