[EMS Discuss] New sign up form?

Wed Jan 30 15:56:28 PST 2013

That seems OK, but I would like to see the the questions labelled "optional", as well as having the introduction email
be opt in, just in case anyone is feeling shy for whatever reason.

> I was considering editing our sign up form to include questions like:
> "What skills do you have that you would like to share with the other
> members?"
> "Do you have any previous projects you would like to share with the EMS
> members?"
> "What do you hope to learn or accomplish as a member of EMS?"
> That way we can get an idea of our overall skill sets.  I thought it might
> help our members identify other members who they might be able to work with
> or learn from.  Maybe we could even email the responses to these questions
> to the Discuss list when a new member joins as a way to welcome them to the
> group.  What does everyone else think?
> I was also considering putting the membership form online so we can easily
> get this information.  We would have to keep the waiver off line though so
> it can still be signed.  Is there interest in this type of thing?
> Rick
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