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Tue Jul 2 13:21:08 PDT 2013

Glad to have you on board!  Definitely keep making friends at the open hack
nights.  I love the idea of a "sun chime" by the way.

Since the key process can be a bit mysterious to new people, I'll outline
it here briefly.  When you decide you'd like to have a key to the space,
you need to have three current key-holding members sponsor you.  Then the
board can vote to give you a key.  The best way to make this happen is to
get to know some people at the space and then write a post here saying
you'd like a key.  That way the members who know you can respond and
sponsor you.

On Tue, Jul 2, 2013 at 12:13 PM, Sam Foster <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> Hey I've been at a couple of open hack nights recently and slipped my
> membership paper+$$ in the little box (were those received and processed?)
> so I thought I'd introduce myself a little.
> I just moved to Eugene with my family from Leeds, UK. I was a member of
> the local hackspace there: http://leeds.hackspace.org.uk/ for the last
> year or 2. I played with a solar collector, fiddled with some basic BEAM
> stuff, made me a couple of sun chimes http://leedshackspace.org.uk/**
> 2013/05/06/sun-chime/ <http://leedshackspace.org.uk/2013/05/06/sun-chime/>and got the kids tinkering too. My daughter made this cool light that is
> still in use: https://twitter.com/**samfosteriam/statuses/**
> 319043442183393280<https://twitter.com/samfosteriam/statuses/319043442183393280>
> A long time ago, I studied sculpture and did a stint fabricating and
> prototyping for a furniture designer - mostly metal work. I have been known
> to work with potato, banana, tea bags and whatever is lying around. These
> days I mostly write code by day so I need a regular fix of making real,
> tangible things.
> I look forward to meeting you all,
> Thanks,
> Sam
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