[EMS Discuss] #eugene-maker-space IRC channel on freenode

Wed Jul 3 09:57:33 PDT 2013

I've registered the  #eugene-maker-space channel on the freenode 
network. If you already use IRC, that's probably all the information you 
need, please drop in and say hi.

If you dont use IRC, but are by the computer most of the day/evening 
then it might be a good thing for you - a realtime, group chat. The 
usual protocol means that you don't have to hang on every word, just 
leave it in the background and get on with your life until you have 
something to say or see a conversation you want in on. I'll leave google 
to find the best resources for you and your particular operating system 
- its not complicated to get started though, and there are web-based IRC 
clients if you don't want to install anything(1). Freenode provides 
similar services for lots of open-source projects and like-minded 
communities and have been great hosts for the many years I've  used them.

My IRC-fu has thus far been limited to joining channels and chatting. 
But I'll read up a bit on being a channel op (unless anyone else has 
that experience, and I'll probably read up anyhow).

Also, its worth stressing at the outset that with #leeds-hack-space we 
made it a habit to try and copy any significant discussions to the 
mailing list to make sure people don't get left out. I suggest we do the 

1. web/browser-based IRC clients - I've used 
https://webchat.freenode.net/ (java), andhttp://mibbit.com/ in the past. 
Also, https://www.irccloud.com/ is a new one that I've not had a chance 
to try but have heard good things about

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