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Sat Jul 6 15:21:43 PDT 2013

Awesome! Are you using an SVN or anything? I’ve never messed with a RasPi (I know nothing about them, tbh) so I’m curious to see how it runs.






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I'm almost ready for testing, but I'll check out the project.  Currently doing a Raspberry Pi only system.

- Ben


On Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 3:12 PM, James Hukill <EMAIL HIDDEN <mailto:EMAIL HIDDEN> > wrote:

I think Ben has all the parts for the new door. I bought a second RFID reader so code could be written and tested in tandem.  

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Not sure if there is still a project to revamp the RFID entry system, but I found this pretty cool project where our exact needs are met by using a RasPi:




I’m back in Eugene now, so if nobody is doing this I’d be more than happy to pick it up again (once I pay my member dues, since I’m not technically a member at this point!)



Ellery Weber

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