[EMS Discuss] Houston, we have a ... printer!

Fri Jul 12 22:20:44 PDT 2013

Yay!  The belt replacement on the big printer appears to have been a success.  Test prints look good.  Taper may try
it out later this evening using his Mac.  I have yet to set up one of the spare Windows laptops.  Taper says the Macs
autoadjust, but I will probably need a crossover cable or a switch to make the old laptop work.  We could also pull it
off its stand again and put it back on the desk and wire it into the network if we like.

And, again, it's there to be used but please don't go completely nuts.  Supplies are rather costly.  (Though, I
imagine they are less per square foot that smaller printers, it's just that it can spit out *so* many square feet.)


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