[EMS Discuss] Web hosting company

Wed Jul 17 13:19:17 PDT 2013

Does anyone have a web hosting company they would recommend for shared
hosting?  I've been using Dreamhost to host my website for a couple years
now but recently my website has become unbearably slow.  Taking anywhere
between 10-60 seconds to load any random page.  It seems to be only the PHP
pages that take a long time to load, so I'm pretty sure they are just not
appropriately allocating shared resources between customers.  I've opened a
few tickets with them about this and they always just give me the same
canned response about how everything looks good but they noticed something
weird with Apache and restarted it.

I'm looking to switch to another provider but I'm aiming to spend under
$20/month still so it will most likely be another shared hosting plan.  I'm
just hoping to find a provider that can more appropriately allocate their
server resources.

Any suggestions?

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