[EMS Discuss] EMS Cleanup and Dump Run, 7/26 and 7/27

Fri Jul 19 10:17:52 PDT 2013

Our shop is, to put it mildly, a frickin' disaster area.  It is full
of junk and it is filthy.

Next Friday night, 7/26, will be a cleanup night at the shop.  If we
get enough people, we can do a deep cleaning, better than the usual
push-the-dirt-around affair.

Unlike previous cleanups, this one will be followed by a dump run the
next morning.  Starting at 10:00 AM, we will haul all identified junk
to the Lane County dump.  (We'll recycle what we can -- metal is
easily recycled.  NextStep is open, so we can drop electronics there.)

We'd love to have volunteers for both events.  Especially volunteers
with pickup trucks.  I will bring my van in any case, but there might
be more than one load.  (I hope there is more than one load.)

The tricky part, of course, will be identifying what's junk and what's
treasure.  I will post some photos to this list tonight of the junk
candidates. Please watch this space if you have treasure at the shop.

I will pick up some stickers this afternoon that we can use to tag the
junk and the treasure.

And feel free -- no, feel encouraged -- to remove any personal
belongings from the shop, whether we put them on the junk list or not.

Bob Miller                              K<bob>
                                        EMAIL HIDDEN

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