[EMS Discuss] Huge thanks to the Saturday dump run crew!

Wed Jul 31 00:35:14 PDT 2013

Er... did a somewhat rusted small-parts cabinet with no drawers that was on
the shelf by the garage door find its way into the dump run? Because I
can't seem to find it anywhere.

(If it did, it's my own fault for not labelling it; I just need to know
whether I should hang on to these drawers.)

Taper Wickel <EMAIL HIDDEN>
On Jul 27, 2013 12:50 PM, "Bob Miller" <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> Thanks to Clif, Cord, Hovis and his brother Tim, James and his son
> Nate(?), and Rick for their hard work carting stuff off to the dump.
>  Special thanks to Tim for bringing the truck.  Our shop looks like a
> usable, inviting space again.
> Archeologists have unearthed an ancient wood shop in the southwest corner
> of our space.  We know nothing of these primitive people, except that they
> apparently called themselves the Delta ShopMasters.  See photo.
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