[EMS Discuss] Eugene Mini Maker Faire

Thu Jun 6 11:41:51 PDT 2013

Greetings, EMS members!

(tl;dr: Tell everyone you know about the Eugene Mini Maker Faire on June
15th! Seeking volunteers to help with publicity and/or setup/breakdown on
the 14th and 15th. And THANK YOU for your support!)

I hope you're all excited for the Mini Maker Faire coming up on June 15th.
I have been following your plans on the -discuss list, and I've been in
touch directly with Rick, and it sounds like you'll be bringing some great
activities. Plus, you'll be joined by more than twice as many makers as
last year! Check the complete list at eugenemakerfaire.com. Bottom line:
This event is going to be WAY bigger and better than last year!

Rather than pass everything through Rick, I thought that posting directly
to the list would make the most sense. So with that, please forgive the
length of this message.

I absolutely need your help in spreading the word about the event. Please,
tell everyone you know. Tell them twice. And then tell them to tell
everyone THEY know. We are doing our best to get the word out, but with a
limited marketing budget and limited time, I can only do so much. You folks
are the most likely to know people who would love to come to an event like
this. Please get the word out. Post some flyers (available at
tinyurl.com/emmf2013 or pick up copies at the museum). "Like" us on
Facebook and invite your "friends" to our "event." (If you're "into" that
element of social "media" and aren't worried about "privacy.") Post to any
other websites, forums, blogs, etc., where Oregon-area makers might be
lurking. And did I mention tell your friends?:)

Logistics for the event:
We are inviting all of the makers to load-in on Friday 6/14 from noon to
8PM. Besides bringing over your own materials (I'll let you sort that out
among yourselves), I'd love to have some additional help in clearing out
exhibits in the museum to make room for the rest of the makers. Please
e-mail me if you think you can help out for any period on Friday.

On Saturday morning, I'll be at the museum by 8AM to begin setting up
outside. I would love to have some extra help in hauling tables and chairs,
pitching canopies, and stringing pennant flags to make the place more
festive (and keep out cheapskates who won't pay:P). Again, e-mail me if
you're available. The event runs from 10-4, and breakdown is immediately
after (along with resetting the museum to open up on Sunday!).

On sale in advance at eugenemakerfaire.com, and at the door. Same price,
but if you buy in advance you're entered in a drawing for a subscription to
MAKE. You do not need to buy a ticket if you're working the Faire -- but
make sure Rick has your name!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to get in
touch. I am VERY excited about the Faire, and I hope you are too! THANK YOU
for making it possible... without the support of EMS for the past two
years, I don't think we would have had the impetus to create such an event.
See you on the 15th! (And tell your friends!)


Nick Spicher, Education Director
Science Factory Children's Museum and Exploration Dome
541-682-7892 / EMAIL HIDDEN
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