[EMS Discuss] Volunteering at makerfaire?

Thu Jun 6 11:56:08 PDT 2013

Who plans to volunteer at our booth at Eugene Makerfaire next Saturday?
What should we bring with us to show off?

Here are the things I know I would like us to bring:

1. 3D printer.  Nick has been advertising this so we should make sure we
have something there printing.

2. Target Shooting Range.  If we get this functional by then it would be a
great thing to have available.

3. Paper airplane crossbow.  Unless someone has a different inexpensive
activity we can have people do.  We can bring this and a bunch of different
kinds of paper and let people shoot airplanes around.

What else?  Last year we also had the lock pick box, potato cannon and
trebuchet.  I'm not sure if there was anything else.
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