[EMS Discuss] KVAL News at EMS on Tuesday

Fri Jun 7 09:45:23 PDT 2013

KVAL is coming to EMS on Tuesday June 11.  They specifically are looking to
do a story on 3D printing and they found EMS as one of the only places in
the area that are known to have a 3D printer available.  Let's make sure
the printer is running well before Tuesday.  Does anyone have anything fun
to print while they are here?

They plan to shoot video while they are at EMS, so I want to make sure our
members are aware of this in case any of you are uncomfortable with being
on camera.

They are intending to do a story on 3D printing, but I'm hoping we can
convince them to do a story on Hackerspaces so we can get a bigger story
specifically about the kinds of things we do as a group.  It could be
really good publicity for us, and it's coming at a really good time since
Eugene Makerfaire is quickly approaching and we are looking to expand into
a bigger space.  Maybe if we have a lot of cool stuff going on at the shop
on Tuesday they will be more inclined to do a bigger story on us.

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