[EMS Discuss] Survey Results.. (ugly but free).

Sun Jun 30 10:54:52 PDT 2013

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I personal have a few thoughts on the results.

I like the idea of tiered pay but what happens after 6 months or even a
year?  Why not just have a tiered pay system with extra space/privileges
with each tier.  In other words, just pay more period and I get more
storage space or even a work bench or something.  If the new space is big
enough maybe the $100 a month means just a taped off 5x5 floor space thats
mine to do with, bench/shelf etc..

I also noticed that more people voted for moving to Springfield... can I
point out the obvious in saying we would then be Eugene Maker Space located
in Springfield?.. "EMS Now With More Springfield" is the new slogan?  LOL

I think we all agree we are cramped and would get more members with more
space and more space to offer to other clubs/interests.  My last question
is to the board members whom were scoping space.. What price ranges have
you been looking at? Is their a summery report on that with dollar values
and square footage, aka the bottom line?

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