[EMS Discuss] discussion on the EMS Policies - Key Access

Wed Mar 6 00:09:46 PST 2013

This is a survey on the EMS Policies, Key Access - please send your feedback to the discus mailing list.

"The BOD may 
suspend a members' key privileges for any reason, and may or may not 
chose to review it later. "

 Options could be the 1-3, or a combination of them, or any other suggestion.

1) requiring the EMS board to check with the associate EMS member before making a key suspension decision  (the person would know better his/her own facts) 

2) replace with ".. for any VALID reason .. " 

3) set a notice, 15 days or less, like for the membership suspension, to 
verify the information.
"The board shall give the member at least 15 days' prior notice of the
 proposed suspension or termination and the reasons for the proposed 
suspension or termination" 

Otherwise there is the risk that one could 
discuss a gossip or a false information and may use the EMS board to suspend the key right away and to limit access, causing the property of another to be withheld from the person.

Ionel Pusca
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