[EMS Discuss] Lathe parts, & Eugene Fastener Membership

Austin McKimmey EMAIL HIDDEN
Wed Mar 20 16:55:18 PDT 2013

I picked up some new nuts & washers for the lathes hand wheels. Along with
a longer bolt for the end stock, brush to clean up, dish soap, and some
citrus pumice soap.

I made a nice modification to the chuck key, this was not my idea, Tom said
people do this. I was just lucky to find a spring that worked in Eugene
Fasteners spring box.

The spring works great, & doesn't get in the way. The key pops out of the
chuck perfectly.

In other news I was told EMS can have an account at Eugene Fastener. I
think this would be a great idea. A benefit is we can get some better deals
if we are buying a lot of  products. I don't know how much that really
matters, but it is just an idea. If you haven't been there they really have
everything you could need for fasteners & lots more.

The account can be set up so members will just be listed under the EMS main
account. There is no need for a card with the account. The members will use
their own money (added note, $5 minimum for credit cards). I have the paper
work if the board & other members think this should be done. There might
even be more benefits since we are a  NFP.

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