[EMS Discuss] PIC woes

Fri May 3 10:21:14 PDT 2013

I've played with PIC programming, but only in C.  Nothing jumped out with my limited assembler experience.

However, if a deadline is approaching I do have an alternative that could get you going quickly:


The important link off there is:


I have 10 of the 8-pin ATTiny's and all you need is an Arduino you can use as a programmer.  IIRC, I had PWM LED's
going in less than an hour using Arduino code.  I did not test with a servo, however, but I assume analogOut
compensates for clock speed.


> I know a few of you have pics out there, so here my problem.  Code that worked before does not work any more.
>  Something weird is happening; even a very basic LED blink program is failing to operate.  I've tried different PICs,
> different power sources, everything.  This program _should_ work, but it silently fails to work.  
> Could I get a sanity check on the code and thoughts on how to fix whatever is failing?  
> Thanks!_______________________________________________
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