[EMS Discuss] Call for Volunteers: Family Hack Day on Saturday, June 1st.

Wed May 8 18:00:07 PDT 2013

On June 1st, Eugene Maker Space is going to host its first Family Hack
Day.  The event will be similar to our Open Hack Nights, but
specifically geared toward kids and their parents.  We'll make the
shop's resources available for kids to work on their own projects.

"But I don't have kids.  I don't even have a girlfriend!"  you say.
That's just fine, we need volunteers to mentor the kids.  If you know
how to safely operate a drill press or where to find scrap materials
in our shop (hint: everywhere), you can help.

If you do have kids, age 10 or up (approx. -- I know Dean's daughter
is 9, and that's fine), then let me know and we'll make room for them.
 If you are looking for project ideas for you and your kids, let me

If this goes well, I'd like to see this become a regular event on
Eugene Maker Space's calendar.  I'm sure the format will evolve as we
learn what works and what doesn't.

Thank you!  This will be fun!

Bob Miller                              K<bob>
                                        EMAIL HIDDEN

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