[EMS Discuss] Extra seat available going to maker fare this weekend.

Thu May 16 18:06:36 PDT 2013

Hi Gang,

My Niece somehow convinced me that I really did want to go to Maker 
Faire after all this weekend. ;-)
We have one seat free and a place to stay in San Francisco for free. We 
are leaving tomorrow afternoon, and plan on being back Sunday afternoon. 
Of course my Niece wants to fly instead of driving, and we will weather 
permitting, or we will drive my truck down which has five belted seats. 
Either way, some gas money would be appreciated. If we fly then the 
weight limit for the fourth person would be around 200# including your 
daypack etc... (adjustments can be made after everything is weighed). My 
number is 541-686-3337 if you're interested. :-)


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