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Pat/Juke/Whatever... EMAIL HIDDEN
Sun May 19 22:06:11 PDT 2013

Hey all,


So, first time caller, long time listener here. 


.Well, okay, I've commented a time or two but haven't REALLY been involved
with EMS to a great degree as of yet.


Okay, I'm basically a lurker.   Been to the shop a few times, but overall as
I have a pretty complete shop for my tool needs, I haven't felt the
overwhelming drive to come down to the EMS shop much.




I am planning on starting a number of fairly involved projects, some of
which involve learning some metalworking and I am considering buying some
metalworking tools that may be of benefit to others.  Rather than just
squeezing them into my shop at my house, I wanted to try to gauge the
interest among EMS folks and am considering (if there is enough interest)
donating the use of the tools to EMS for the foreseeable future (again, if
this would be beneficial).  Would much rather a  lot of people have access
to them than just me and a few folks, as I anticipate that once my project
is finished I would only use them infrequently.


So, the tools in questions are an English Wheel, a sheet metal shrinker and
a sheet metal stretcher.


Do you guys think that A) there would be interest in making these tools
available for communal use?  B) it would make sense, and there would be room
for them, in the EMS shop?


Any and all feedback appreciated.

-Chef Juke


"EVERYbody eats when they come to MY house!"


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