[EMS Discuss] Ethernet spool

Mon May 20 16:43:46 PDT 2013

Hi Ben,

I have successfully installed Ethernet face plates in two houses and the 
country fair. I have all the tools if you want to borrow them for a 
short while. ;-)

You can get cat 5 for under $100 for 1000 feet but I probably have 100 
feet or so on an old spool that you could use if you like. Or, here are 
some suggestions:



This is the higher end stuff but notice that cat 6 is now cheaper than 
cat 5, and is better for PoE applications.

Home depot / jerrys  has great prices on face plates but astronomical 
prices on keystones so I get those off the internet. However they don't 
fit as well so I hot glue them in which takes a few more seconds.


Ben Hallert wrote:
> Hiya!  I need to run an Ethernet cable from a downstairs room to an upstairs one and will need a bunch of cable (haven't measured yet but guessing>50ft). 
> Can anyone recommend an inexpensive local source of cable/faceplate/connectors?  Last time I did this I had a Fry's....
> Thanks!
> - Ben
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