[EMS Discuss] Re-tuning the 3D printer

Mon May 20 19:07:25 PDT 2013

Hi Gang,

I've been struggling to re-tune the 3D printer after Kassie and I 
upgraded it's firmware. I noticed that someone, (perhaps Taper?) did a 
test print over the weekend that came out abysmal. I made it down there 
today to do a couple more test prints myself and just changed the fill 
from 50% to 80%, and I was very surprised when got some of the best post 
upgrade prints yet.

There are a couple of parameters that control the strength of your 
prints. The overlap of the fill with the perimeter is one, and the type 
of fill is another. I messed with these some last week. You can also 
find some nice blog posts on proposed mathematical models to determine 
these settings, however the skeinforge config options seem to be higher 
level than the variables in these equations so you can't really apply them.

If anyone has some ideas on how to dial it all back in, I would be happy 
to work with you on that. Then we would have a working printer again.


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