[EMS Discuss] Re-tuning the 3D printer

Mon May 20 20:38:22 PDT 2013

Heh, yes, the test print I left on the desk kind of exploded from the
middle out.  (A much smaller print went off fine, so I got overly

I do have to say that you've been making great progress, and thanks for all
the work that you have been putting into this.


Taper Wickel <EMAIL HIDDEN>
On May 20, 2013 7:10 PM, "Mr. Clif" <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> Hi Gang,
> I've been struggling to re-tune the 3D printer after Kassie and I upgraded
> it's firmware. I noticed that someone, (perhaps Taper?) did a test print
> over the weekend that came out abysmal. I made it down there today to do a
> couple more test prints myself and just changed the fill from 50% to 80%,
> and I was very surprised when got some of the best post upgrade prints yet.
> There are a couple of parameters that control the strength of your prints.
> The overlap of the fill with the perimeter is one, and the type of fill is
> another. I messed with these some last week. You can also find some nice
> blog posts on proposed mathematical models to determine these settings,
> however the skeinforge config options seem to be higher level than the
> variables in these equations so you can't really apply them.
> If anyone has some ideas on how to dial it all back in, I would be happy
> to work with you on that. Then we would have a working printer again.
>     Ciao,
>     Clif
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