[EMS Discuss] Help with identifying a cable and connection

Wed May 22 00:14:35 PDT 2013

Has this device ever been connected to Labview?  If so, can anyone
tell you how they did it?

If it is a new device that you're still designing or interfacing for
the first time, I would probably try to hook it up to an Arduino and
connect the Arduino to a PC via USB.  That gives you a lot of
flexibility.  There are some 40 pin IDC connectors and cables at EMS.
You can use a shorter connector on a longer header; it just won't
connect to the pins at the end(s).

You could also use jumpers like these to connect it to an Arduino or a
breadboard.  Oregon Electronics has them too.


On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 7:56 PM, Cord Slatton <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> Yes, Bob you are right, very few of the pins are connected.
> No, half of the pins are not shorted together on the bottom of the board.
> The device is for running a bunch of mosfets to turn on and off
> electro-magnets, i cannot say much more than that...
> On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 7:07 PM, Bob Miller <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>> I can't be sure from the photos, but it looks like not all the pins
>> are connected.  It used to be common to have signals on all the odd
>> pins of an IDC connector and ground all the even pins (or vice versa).
>>  The even pins are in one row and the odd are in the other row.
>> Your device might be like that, and intended to hook up to a PC's 25
>> pin parallel port.
>> Or it might be something completely different.  Tom's SCSI hypothesis
>> is also good.  (Though I thought the terminating resistors were only
>> used on the last device in the SCSI chain.)
>> What is the device?  Are half of the pins shorted together on the
>> underside of the board?
>> On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 5:41 PM, Cord Slatton <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>> > Hi All!
>> >
>> > I am working on a project and need help identifying a cable type and
>> > deciding how to interface it with my computer. I have attached pictures
>> > of
>> > the cable and connection to the board.
>> >
>> > From counting I have determined it is 50 pin, from my googling I have
>> > determined that I think it is an IDC cable, not exactly sure where that
>> > leaves me...basically I need to be able to plug this into my computer
>> > and
>> > run a program called Labview that can interface with devices like the
>> > one I
>> > am working on...
>> >
>> > Thanks!
>> >
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