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Wed May 22 01:23:56 PDT 2013

I'm all for it,
have never done sheet metal work other than sniping it.

On 05/19/2013 10:06 PM, Pat/Juke/Whatever... wrote:
> Hey all,
> So, first time caller, long time listener here.
> …Well, okay, I’ve commented a time or two but haven’t REALLY been
> involved with EMS to a great degree as of yet.
> Okay, I’m basically a lurker.   Been to the shop a few times, but
> overall as I have a pretty complete shop for my tool needs, I haven’t
> felt the overwhelming drive to come down to the EMS shop much.
> However…
> I am planning on starting a number of fairly involved projects, some of
> which involve learning some metalworking and I am considering buying
> some metalworking tools that may be of benefit to others.  Rather than
> just squeezing them into my shop at my house, I wanted to try to gauge
> the interest among EMS folks and am considering (if there is enough
> interest) donating the use of the tools to EMS for the foreseeable
> future (again, if this would be beneficial).  Would much rather a  lot
> of people have access to them than just me and a few folks, as I
> anticipate that once my project is finished I would only use them
> infrequently.
> So, the tools in questions are an English Wheel, a sheet metal shrinker
> and a sheet metal stretcher.
> Do you guys think that A) there would be interest in making these tools
> available for communal use?  B) it would make sense, and there would be
> room for them, in the EMS shop?
> Any and all feedback appreciated.
> -Chef Juke
> www.chefjuke.com
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