[EMS Discuss] Getting funds together for a possible move

Wed May 22 09:57:49 PDT 2013

I would be happy to join either group.

On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 9:49 AM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> When we first started EMS we had about 5 people involved.  We all decided
> that in order to get things moving, we would have to bite the bullet and
> rent a space, even though it would cost us each $100 per month at the
> start.  We all came to the agreement that we could each afford $100 for 6
> months, worst case scenario.  After that if we weren't going anywhere, we
> could cancel the lease and call it quits.  The idea was that once we had a
> space, we would get more members and our $100 shares would drop every month.
> Well, obviously things have worked out since we now have around 28 members
> and all of our bills are covered by dues alone!  However, this growth means
> that we really need to move to a bigger space in order to keep growing EMS
> in a positive way.  Getting a larger space means our operational costs are
> going to go up.  Right now, we are making just enough money to break even
> on all of our bills.
> We figure we are going to need an additional $500 to $1000 per month
> (depending on the particular space) in order to afford a move to a bigger
> and better space.  We were talking about several ways to accomplish this
> goal at the Hack your Hackerspace meeting last night.
> I have two questions for the members.
> 1) Are any members interested in joining that "financial backers" group?
>  This is the group of members who agree to split the difference on the
> bills so we can afford to keep growing our organization into something even
> more awesome.  It's hard to say right now what the monthly cost would be,
> since we don't have a particular space lined up.  But we would most likely
> try to keep it under $100 per month per person in order to actually move
> forward on a new space.  And we would try to get a 6 month commitment so we
> can back out after that time if we just can't afford it any more.
> 2) We are considering introducing a sliding-scale membership.  The idea
> here is that the lowest "tier" would be $25 per month.  Then there would be
> additional tiers above that price.  All members would still have equal
> rights and access.  You wouldn't get anything extra for paying more.  But
> this model allows members to who get a lot of of the space to pay what they
> think their membership is worth to them if they can afford to pay more.
> What are your thoughts?  Would you be interested in belonging to one of
> these groups?  Do you have other ideas for how we can increase our monthly
> income to afford a better space?
> Rick
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