[EMS Discuss] Announcing: The Great Taper Rummage

Fri May 24 15:30:48 PDT 2013

For various reasons, my wife and I have to move to a small apartment from
the house we've lived in since 2001. You may have noticed I have a tendency
to snatch up various technological thingies that together take up a lot of
room. The big problem to deal with at the moment is that we will no longer
have such storage spaces as our garage. So - I hereby announce the Great
Taper Rummage.

I'll be bringing a few boxes in to the makerspace, filled with the assorted
tailings of my accumulations. Each box will live in the 'space for a week
before being taken to Goodwill or sommat, and everything inside is up for
grabs. Pay if you want, or not, whatever.

Again, only one week per box -- I'm not going to be taking up loft space or
anything. I'll probably be at every open night to explain what certain
objects are. If anyone without a key wants to look at stuff and can't make
it to open hours, mail me and we can arrange a time to meet at the 'space.

Questions? Comments?


Taper Wickel <EMAIL HIDDEN>
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