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Mark Danburg-Wyld EMAIL HIDDEN
Tue May 28 17:31:52 PDT 2013

Ideas, sure. Good ideas, not necessarily.

1. Expanding on the paper rockets - keep that for the littler kids, but
also set up to do compressed air/water rockets from 2 liter bottles for
older kids.
2. Another 'compressed air' project - rocket cars using balloons & straws.
You could race them...
3. Bring the soldering kits and have that as a station (perhaps with a
suggested donation)
4. Draw-bots. Basically a marker and some sticks, powered by a rubber band.
No idea if this would work.

On Tue, May 28, 2013 at 4:06 PM, Rick Osgood <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:

> Eugene Makerfaire is only a couple of weeks away!  Does anyone have any
> ideas that we can do for activities at our table this year?  Last year we
> did paper rockets and it was a huge hit.  Let's switch it up and keep
> things interesting.  Can anyone think of anything we can do that would meet
> the following criteria?
> 1. Fun
> 2. Inexpensive
> 3. Lots of people can participate
> 4. Activity or Activities that all ages can participate
> Paper rockets were nice because people of all ages have fun, plus it only
> costs a few cents for one person to make a rocket.  What else can we do?
> Rick
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