[EMS Discuss] Cupcake

Celeste Baine EMAIL HIDDEN
Thu May 30 14:14:23 PDT 2013

I have a Makerbot CupCake Machine that I would love to trade for something cool. I'm especially interested in getting a small CNC machine (I'll even chip in extra cash for this) or Arduino stuff or whatever. I'm very open.

Darrell and I worked on this machine and got it going but the thermister isn't working. We were able to bypass it with a potentiometer and turn the temp on the heated platform up and down, it just wouldn't kick off and on it's own because the thermister isn't working.

This machine has had a bunch of upgrades: It has Generation 4 electronics (includes 1 pololu stepper for Z axis), MK6+ stepstruder, Twotimes Low-Rider and Z-Rider, TOM heaterboard, Spider Coupler, Blue LED lights, upgraded power supply. This device prints very well. You may have seen this one on Makerbot TV as I bought it on ebay from the MakerGuy. This is set up for 3MM ABS filament. I will include the MK6+ parts for the 1.75 filament and as many of the wooden parts that were replaced with upgrades as I have. (I think I have most if not all of them, not that you need it as these mods work very well).

Thanks and let mw know if you want to trade something,

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