[EMS Discuss] New Storage Rules for Eugene Maker Space

Fri Nov 1 12:00:33 PDT 2013

In our current space, we do not have room to build a lot more shelves.
 We are pretty much out of wall space.  We could replace the current
shelving and get maybe 20% better utilization, but I don't see how to
improve past that.

In a hypothetical new space, we should reconsider how much space each
member gets.

As for DIY vs. store-bought shelving, I think that's orthogonal to the
proposal, except that DIY shelving could indeed let us put up more
total shelving in a new space.

I need more convincing to increase the shelf space included with
membership in our current space.

On Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 10:31 AM, Kevin King <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
> To go along with the storage proposal, a change needs to be made in our
> storage capabilities.  The Gorilla racks that we currently use are good, but
> sturdier and larger racks can be built for cheaper.  I have built shelves
> similar to the ones the link below.  They are very sturdy and are easily
> adjusted.  Building something like this would maximize our storage capacity
> and for cheap.  Requiring only 2x4s and 3/4" plywood.
> I think the shelf space that members are entitled with membership is a
> little small as well.  Most members would have a toolbox or tote on the
> shelf full of their stuff.  The 12"x12" could be a little limiting.
> Building shelving like this would give us quote a bit of storage space.  I
> believe about 15' length of this shelving would yield at least 75x 50-quart
> storage totes that measure 20"x15"x15" (LxWxH).  That is with shelving 8'
> tall.  With high ceilings, we could potentially go taller, but then safety
> could be a concern.  If we could score one of those stairs on wheels like
> they have at Jerry's, that would be nice.
> Bobs proposal specifies that additional shelving can be purchased per month
> at $5/linear foot.  Being that linear foot includes the depth of the shelf,
> that should be sufficient for an additional toolbox or 2' deep container.
> $5/month does not seem extreme.  At $1/ft, a member could rent an entire
> gorilla rack for $20/month.  We could quickly run out of storage space.
> http://www.homedepot.com/c/how_to_build_garage_shelves_HT_PG_SO
> -Kevin
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> I think you're right -- if it's under construction like the vacuum
> table currently is, then it's a project and it would owe rent.  Once
> it's completed, it could be donated or lent to EMS, or it could become
> a Gallery Item, or the member could continue to pay rent to store it
> (and not share it).  An interesting edge case is the 3D printers,
> which are only working part of the time. (-:
> I don't understand your question about multiple members. I can only
> think of two things that were limited per-member.  Free shelf space.
> Sure, if two members want to pool their space, that's probably
> reasonable.  And "If the member needs more than 10% of the available
> floor space for short term storage, he/she must announce his
> intentions to the membership".  In that case, I'd think it's 10% for
> the project, no matter how many members are involved -- the concern is
> how much floor space we've lost.
> And you're right that we're going to have some case-by-case decisions.
> There's no way to predict every case that will come up.
> Thanks for your comments.  It's probably about time for me to write a
> summary.
> On Thu, Oct 31, 2013 at 9:05 PM, Taper Wickel <EMAIL HIDDEN> wrote:
>> Speaking as someone who abuses the current storage regime --
>> It all looks reasonable to me.  I do wonder where the line
>> would get drawn between project and loaned/donated
>> equipment? The vacuum former is an obvious example, but I
>> was also thinking of a if-we-had-more-space build of a
>> holography sand table; is it a project until it's done, and
>> then it's equipment?  Also -- if multiple members are
>> working on a project, does that get more space than a
>> single-member project?
>> This may be just a case-by-case thing and not need hard
>> limits, but I figured I'd bring up the questions.
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