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Fri Nov 1 17:33:00 PDT 2013

See if you can get the Smoothieboard guys from Gold Hill to come up.

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> I propose that EMS host an event where we invite 3-5 people in the local
> area who have a successful kickstarter project to come in to EMS and give a
> panel discussion about their experience. Basically we would just let each
> of them talk about what their project was, what went well, what lessons
> were learned, etc. for 10-15 minutes each. If reasonably advertised, this
> would give us some good exposure, bring some people into the shop, give
> something useful back to the community, etc.
> I'm thinking with the holidays nearly upon us and with the need for a lot
> of logistics ahead of time, that this event would be sometime in February
> or early March of next year. Ideally it happens in the shop, and ideally
> that's the new shop by then... part of the benefit for us is exposure to
> the kind of person who is thinking about kickstarter, for whom we might be
> a good resource.
> This is an idea I've been mulling over for a week or so, and I want to
> credit Austin for a side conversation that got me started on this line of
> thinking. I'm willing to do most-to-all of the legwork, but I would very
> much welcome assistance and collaboration from anyone else who thinks this
> is a good idea. Let me know if you want to be involved and in broad strokes
> some idea of time available to work on the project.
> Thanks!
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