[EMS Discuss] New Storage Proposal for Eugene Maker Space, V1.1

Tue Nov 5 12:27:50 PST 2013

I collected, summarized, and replied to your comments.  I have revised
the storage space proposal based on what I got.

At tomorrow night's board meeting, I will move that the board put the
attached proposal up for a member vote at the annual meeting on
December 7th.  Clif is looking into the mechanism of online voting.
The board may amend the proposal or reject it out of hand.  But the
membership will only get to vote to accept or reject the proposal in
its entirety -- no amendments.  Then we either vote it into the EMS
policies or we don't.

I've tried to accomodate most of your requests.  But if I've failed,
petition your friendly local board member for an amendment.

There are two documents here.  storage-comments is a summary of the
comments I got through email and elsewhere and my responses to them.
storage-proposal-v1.1 is the proposed addition to the policy document.

Thanks for all your help in making EMS a better place for all of us.

Bob Miller                              K<bob>
                                        EMAIL HIDDEN
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