[EMS Discuss] Bad News, Good News

Sat Nov 9 18:20:12 PST 2013

Bad news:  The long orange extension cord at our space has a loose
connector at the female end.  Plugs fall out and connectivity is
intermittent.  If we keep using it, it may start a fire.

Good news: I got us a brand new 14 AWG yellow cord tonight.  It is
only 25 feet, but that's more than plenty to reach into the wood shop

So if you see a thick yellow snake on the floor, don't panic!  You
haven't fallen into a time warp and come out in 1988 next to a 10 Mbps
Thick Ethernet cable -- it's just the new extension cord.

I did not destroy the bad extension cord -- if it were mine, I'd cut
the plugs off so it doesn't get a chance to start a file.  But it's
not mine.  So I put it on a shelf.

Bob Miller                              K<bob>
                                        EMAIL HIDDEN

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